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I was born in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and grew up in Texas and California. As the daughter of two educators who were peace-seekers and beauty-makers, I grew up dancing between the wonders of spirit, mind, body and the space around me.   Embodiment, nature, devotion to God, devotion to parenting, and brain/emotion science are all intertwined in my life and my work. 


For as long as I can remember, I have always explored the intersection of mind/body/soul.  In college, I devoured the works of Oliver Sacks, Antonio Damasio, and other great neuroscientists. 


I have no doubt that this interest came from a life of holding and often hiding away an awful lot of feelings.  My early programming taught me to be fun, light, high-achieving, grateful and pleasing on the outside.   It was definitely not ok to share the intense emotions of an empath and highly sensitive human being.


A photo of beautiful Rachel Roman - advanced healing practitioner and massage therapist who offers healing sessions, space clearing and bodywork including ayurvedic massage therapy.



Spiritual and Shamanic Training with teachers: Hadley Messner and Victor Barron


Graduate of the Center for Emotional Education’s Neuro-Emotional coaching program with Natalie Christenson and Nathan McTague

1980 - Present

Over 10, 000 hours of dance, movement, and embodiment training


Graduate of Fair Oaks Massage Institute  *certification pending


B.S. with Honors from University of California, San Diego, with emphases in Spanish Literature and Cognitive Science


 1000+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training


When my child was still quite young, the death of a dear person in my life brought me to my knees with the heaviness of grief.  God dropped into my lap my Spirit/Shamanic teacher, and I was hooked on this work.   This work was the work of the heart, not the mind.  This work was about hope and faith and clearing and Love.  My seven years of this study is incorporated into every Healing Session that I give.  We are exposed to so much energy around us — I truly believe that this clearing element is essential.  

It is not always easy to walk the line between devotion and emotion, God and Brain Science.  What I have found in my own life journey is that both are extremely important.  The thoughts we think, the words we echo, the gratitudes we write, the energy we embody and take responsibility for — this is SO important.  In addition, we are not supposed to be emotion-less creatures.  We all have the right to understand the systems of the brain, and we all have the right to re-learn healthy, supported emotional processing, something so essential for healthy brain development, and deep connection to ourselves and others.  

In my current free time, you will most-likely find me harvesting agave/nopal/rue/rosemary plants in my back yard, clearing and energizing my home/body/mind/spirit, walking steep hills in nature, and fiercely loving my people into new states of emotional self-sovereignty, and deep, un-abiding self-adoration.


It takes a village.

You are not alone.

Let’s re-wire our hearts and our brains for more freedom, clarity, prosperity, and hope.

You’ve got this.

We’ve got this.

Join me.



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